Auslandschweizer – Yapeal


A Swiss account with the best exchange rates, without fees and surcharges.

A little bit of home in your pocket?


Now our service is also available to our Swiss abroad in neighboring countries. Uncomplicated, fast and conveniently opened within minutes. And in the first half of 2022, another 15 countries will follow.


Was uns einzigartig macht? Unsere Kunden wissen was sie bezahlen. Versteckte Gebühren bei Überweisungen, Kosten für Bargeldbezüge, schlechte Wechselkurse und Aufschläge auf Kontoführungsgebühren kennen wir nicht. 

How much Switzerland is in YAPEAL?


We were the first FINTECH in Switzerland to receive FINMA approval. We are particularly proud of this. Our headquarters are in Zurich, where our developers also work. Almost around the clock, our customer service is there for you, which is also based in Switzerland.


A motivated and experienced team is working on the future of Swiss banking. That we are on the right track, also shows our investor the Bank Vontobel, a Swiss guarantor of security and trust.


Reliable as a Swiss watch. How we do it, remains our secret, like Appenzeller cheese.

What is special about the YAPEAL offer?


Our top priority is simple, straightforward and fast. The digital experience begins with the first contact and the account is opened within minutes – all from the comfort of the warm room at home..


Paying bills and transferring money has never been easier, whether a Schweizer payment or an international transfer. Done with just a few clicks and executed in real time.

Transfer money

No matter in which currency or to which destination our payments are executed in real time – no matter where and when you are, without surcharges of course. Whether e-bill or QR-bill, your bill is paid in no time, leaving you more time for more important things in life.


When visiting your old home country or abroad. With YAPEAL you are independent. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about costs or exchange rates when withdrawing cash or paying. We set no limits, except for the fees, because we do not know them.

Card and cost control

Everything can be found clearly in the app. You have your spending under control and know what you spend your money on. You can also determine the card pin yourself, as well as the amount of your monthly limit. Lost your card? Exchanged in real time and immediately usable with your pay function in the wallet.


Your money is in Switzerland, in your account and available to you at any time. In addition, we make no compromises when it comes to security and rely on the latest security technology developed by ETH Zurich – typically Swiss.