How to easily structure and manage company cards with the YAPEAL Business card program.

Structured management of company cards

YAPEAL Business card program is a practical solution for structuring company cards. It allows the creation of different card programs for departments, locations, hierarchy levels and projects. Within a card program, it is possible to specify whether only virtual or only physical cards are to be issued.

Computer mit YAPEAL Kartenprogramm

Release and responsibility in the card program

In order to activate the card program and issue cards, it must be approved by the authorized signatories in the company. The card administrator is responsible for inviting new cardholders, adjusting card limits and deleting cards.

Easy creation of new cards

The creation of new cards is simple. One can go into the card program and order a card by selecting an employee already in the list and setting the preferences for the card. If the employee is not already in the YAPEAL app, the card administrator can send an invitation to the program so that the employee can complete the installation and pick up the card. So, with the YAPEAL Business card program, you can conveniently and easily manage and deploy company cards to your employees.

Business card programs

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