Pay and transfer

With YAPEAL there are two options:

  • Payments are created directly on the YAPEAL app or web - payments within the YAPEAL ecosystem are made immediately, 24h x 7 x 365

  • When using an ERP accounting software, the payment order is sent directly to the YAPEAL company account: there, the order only needs to be released according to the definitions made.

As a further support, a QR-IBAN, which is based on the self-defined IBAN, is immediately and automatically visible and usable in the YAPEAL app and on the web.

Zwei Team Mitglieder betrachten die Auswertung der Zahlungen und Überweisungen

eBill for Business

We appreciate the advantages of eBill. That's why we have developed eBill for Business for our business customers. And in the familiar user-friendly YAPEAL style. Easily integrated without the hassle of switching to an additional portal.

Hellblaues eBill Icon auf weissem Hintergrund