Beyond that – Yapeal


Driven by innovation. The leading Swiss ERP (enterprise resource planning) manufacturer meets the latest financial technology. Together we open up the world of real-time banking with ERP software and realize the merging of goods and money cycles. This enables us to significantly simplify and accelerate the various bookkeeping and financial processes with the associated benefits … Continued


With the fastest network in Switzerland, Sunrise provides the basis for digital and cashless payments, and more… As the largest non-state-controlled telecommunications company in Switzerland, Sunrise offers its mobile, Internet, TV and fixed network services to private and business customers and is an innovative pioneer in future topics such as 5G, Internet of Things and … Continued


Make – measure – adapt – continue. With the support of digital culture, we ensure that our customers are addressed on the right channel, in the right tone. As a web and online marketing agency with heart, Digital Kultur fills the glass with simple and powerful solutions.


Meltwater helps us to observe, understand and influence the world around us. Meltwater is a software-as-a-service company that develops and markets media monitoring and business intelligence software.

Die Werbekanzlei

Founded in 2002, our focus is on strategy, communication and design. Our heart beats digital but we also live print. Our concepts are always visually appealing, new and exciting, but they work mainly because we approach implementation analytically and strategically. We think through all channels of communication from the very beginning, for which budget should be planned, … Continued


Drop8 is a young Swiss startup specializing in automated, data-driven digital advertising campaigns. The combination of state-of-the-art Programmatic Advertising technologies, experience in digital communication and campaign management, paired with the excellent service and the highest campaign efficiency are the reasons YAPEAL chooses to cooperate with Drop8.


With Talent Acquisition as a Service, swisspuls provides partners with sustainable, cost-effective access to the talent market. In doing so, the important elements such as talent management, talent pool, candidate experience and agile talent discovery are ensured.  Swisspuls actively finds the talent the partner is looking for and emphasizes talent branding in the process.