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Damian Lynn

exceptional musical talent

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YAPEAL is installed incredibly fast. Less than 5 minutes and it runs. This gives me more time for the essential things in my life: Making music! Since I’m also travelling abroad a lot now, I appreciate the great exchange rates – I don’t have to worry about anything.


For the game community

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The YAPEAL concept convinced me right away. The perfect soundtrack for my everyday life and lifestyle. Electronic, fast and catchy. I can now take care of everything to do with money immediately. Whether backstage or on the couch. And the best thing: No more annoying cash. With YAPEAL I have arrived in the future.


Paint the World

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YAPEAL is practical, uncomplicated and transparent. I like the fact that my money is not used for any speculations – of which I know nothing – I like… I also love the individual IBAN!

Pedro Martin Rojo

The souls of the eyes

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As for YAPEAL, I think we have many things in common: My dream has always been to democratize art. Art has the potential to enrich people’s lives, and it is at the center of everything I do. I envision an inclusive world where art connects society and artists are directly connected to you.

Pull n Way

Swiss Electro Pop

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I found my way around YAPEAL incredibly quickly. Easy to understand, handy and super fast. Since I travel a lot, YAPEAL is the best solution for me. I can now pay super easy, fast and electronically and do shopping on the go!

Siddhartha El Primero


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YAPEAL is young and dynamic and with the app it hits the nerve of the time. I try to implement this spirit in my music!