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“Memories” was the title of Damian Lynn’s hit single, with which he took off in his home country Switzerland in 2015 and definitely confirmed his reputation as one of the most promising newcomers in the country. This was followed in 2016 by the well-deserved award of a Swiss Music Award in the category “Best Talent”.
With “When We Do it” Damian Lynn returned in 2017 and seamlessly continued the success of his debut. The single was awarded gold and became one of the most played titles on Swiss radio. In 2018, Damian Lynn’s single “Feel The Heat” was the official song for Swiss television’s coverage of the World Cup in Russia. The single “Wait”, released in 2019, was the starting signal for the cooperation with the label “Embassy Of Music” in Germany. To date, the song has recorded over 2.5 million cross-platform streams, making it one of Damian Lynn’s most successful international titles. In addition to extensive tours through Swiss clubs and appearances at almost all major festivals in the country, Damian Lynn has also been regularly performing live on stages in Germany since 2016. He played over 30 shows as support for Stefanie Heinzmann, Laith Al-Deen and Madeline Juno on their German tours. The German fan community thanked Damian Lynn with two very well attended headliner club tours and sold out concerts in Hamburg and Munich.

YAPEAL is installed incredibly fast. Less than 5 minutes and it runs. This gives me more time for the essential things in my life: Making music!

Since I’m now also travelling abroad a lot, I appreciate the great exchange rates – I don’t have to worry about anything.


Damian Lynn