Is this something for me?

Schoolkids and teenagers
“Wouldn’t it be cool to have my pocket money digitally available? I might forget my wallet at home but never my smartphone. My digital money is safe from theft.”

YAPEAL hears you. We are working to make your pocket money digitally available and introduce parental control on the money being spent. Children’s account is part of the YAPEAL “Family Shizzle” offer.

Shared apartments and couples
“It would be practical to have an account that can be steered jointly with my flat-mate without the hassle of logging into a separate account.”

“Joint account” as we call it, with segregation of account view which allows your flat mate to only access the shared account view is part of “Family shizzle” offer.

Working Professionals
“Yapeal offers the best FX rates for transactions in foreign currencies. Being a frequent flyer for private and/or business purposes, I can benefit from not having to deal with currency exchange dilemmas. My CHF account at YAPEAL takes cares of it by converting them for me.”
“Although our children have flown out of our nest, occasionally we need to support them financially. When we e need to do so, convenience and ease of transferring money is what we look for. We appreciate that it is possible with YAPEAL app regardless of receiver being in Switzerland or abroad. We take delight in the fact that we are notified of the change in account balance immediately – this is fun!”
Young adults
“We like the package – it has all we that we need, a Swiss account to credit the salary and pay the bills complemented by the card that allows us to pay everywhere. Wouldn’t it be ideal to pay just by using the smartphone?”

Yes, it is! we offer convenience of payment using smartphone and wearables, all that only for a few extra cents.

Possibility to manage financial needs of the family from within an app without much hassle is desired by and requested by many in our community.

“Family Shizzle” will make your wish come true by providing you easy access to manage the bill payment for your parents or unlock pocket money for your kids. All managed by a few clicks within the app.

Security-conscious individuals
“I am convinced with security settings in the app. Effortless yet secure handling of data-sensitive features from within the app is a big win. That time when I thought I had lost my wallet, it took me just a click to “freeze” my card.  Again, it was a just a click and easy 2 Factor Authentication to “unfreeze” my card when I found my wallet in the car – just awesome! I recall the last time I ran into this problem, it costed me 40 CHF and 2 weeks to get a card from another bank.”
I’m glad you read everything!
If master are happy, so is the pet. Ok – admittedly, we don’t have a feature for the pets yet… maybe in near future?

If you have any ideas, we are of course open to feedback. And hey – it’s nice if we have a bit of fun at work, don’t you think?