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Grüezi, Hallo, Servus, Bonjour, Buongiorno!

YAPEAL leaves more in your account at the end of the month.

What are the advantages of a digital Swiss account?


Why is this at all suitable for me as a cross-border commuter and seasonal worker? We have taken on this challenge and developed the best offer because we understand our customers.


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For whom we have developed our offer?


Another milestone in the young history of YAPEAL. Our offer is now also available to our cross-border commuters and seasonal workers. Uncomplicated, fast and conveniently opened within minutes.


What makes us different? Our customers know what they are paying for. Hidden fees on transfers, costs for cash withdrawals, poor exchange rates and surcharges on account management fees we do not know.

How can I become a customer?

It has never been so easy! Download the YAPEAL app in the app store with your smartphone, have a passport or ID ready and within a few minutes the account is opened.

Although it is very beautiful in Switzerland, but it is most beautiful at home and therefore this can be done there comfortably, easily and quickly.

What is special about YAPEAL offer?


YAPEAL offers all the benefits of a Swiss account, where you get your salary paid by the employer in Swiss. We have made it our mission to make everything easier and more convenient and you will benefit from the first moment. Open the account – within minutes, transfer money – within seconds, pay – in real time. Convert exchange rates – is history, because we have no matter where and how you pay always the best exchange rates, without fees and surcharges.


Paying bills and transferring money has never been easier, whether a Schwiezer payment or an international transfer. Done with just a few clicks and executed in real time.

International money transfer

Whether a one-time payment or regular payments. Done with us with just a few clicks – child’s play. And of course always with the best exchange rate and without surcharges.


Paying with YAPEAL knows no boundaries. Whether “Znüni” in the canteen, weekly shopping at home, shopping on the Internet and vacations at the dream beach. Anywhere, anytime in real time. We only set limits when it comes to fees, because we don’t know them.

Health insurance

As a cross-border commuter, health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. In a few minutes, this is also possible thanks to our cooperation with Sympany.

Security and cost control

Is our top priority. We use the leading technology for this purpose. You always have your finances under control and you can adjust them to your needs in the app. Because: It’s your money!