Smart. Fast.
Built with you.
For you.



Our YAPEAL Shield App is based on a consistent end-to-end concept – with state-of-the-art encryption and multiple authentication. Since we were able to build the whole security concept according to the latest findings and completely from scratch, we enjoy, in contrast to “older” systems, an absolutely seamless and very strong piece of software that works without compromise.


Your fingerprint.
Your Face-ID.
Your device.


No Phishing (Email deception).
No Smishing (SMS deception).
Absolutely secure.



The first Swiss Fintech licensed by FINMA.

We don’t work with your money.

You have full control and overview at all times.
Your perfect salary account.


The first Swiss VISA debit card.

I’m particularly proud of that. We as a young startup can now give you 1:1 directly the super Visa exchange rates without any extra charges.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the card includes V Pay as well! According to VISA the first card worldwide with combined functionality. With V PAY, you can pay in shops and withdraw cash from ATMs – just like you’re used to with a regular debit card.




Scan & go

Send and receive money between Yapster at any time.

Share the QR invoice code from your account and all your friends can transfer money to you using their bank’s QR scanner.



Mobile wallets.

Apple Pay

coming soon…


Take advantage of all the benefits of your YAPEAL Visa Debit Card with Apple Pay. It’s the easy, secure and confidential way to pay*.


*A list of Apple Pay compatible devices is available here.

Google Pay™

Google Pay is a fast, easy payment method – online and in-store, via app or on the desktop. So you always have everything you need when you pay. Your data always stays safe and secure.


Samsung Pay

Get your YAPEAL card digitally on your Samsung Smartphone or Smartwatch and pay easier, faster – and safer. Almost everywhere where you now use credit, debit or prepaid cards.