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Vontobel brings Swiss tradition and long-standing corporate responsibility to the “New Normal”. Together we are creating a sustainable path to the future. As a globally active client-focused investment bank with Swiss roots, Vontobel is shaping the future through its own efforts. As a company, it creates opportunities and pursues them with determination. It masters what it … Continued


The future of payments begins with your own big idea. With Visa we have turned our idea into reality. With Visa, together we are creating the next big thing. With their broad payment knowledge and international network, they can implement tomorrow’s digital payment solutions that seemed impossible only yesterday.


With Google’s highly secure and highly available cloud solution, we can be reached anytime, anywhere. A cloud for Switzerland. With the Google Cloud Platform in Zurich, Google ensures that European companies have access to a secure, reliable cloud located in Switzerland around the clock.


Driven by innovation. The leading Swiss ERP (enterprise resource planning) manufacturer meets the latest financial technology. Together we open up the world of real-time banking with ERP software and realize the merging of goods and money cycles. This enables us to significantly simplify and accelerate the various bookkeeping and financial processes with the associated benefits … Continued


With the fastest network in Switzerland, Sunrise provides the basis for digital and cashless payments, and more… As the largest non-state-controlled telecommunications company in Switzerland, Sunrise offers its mobile, Internet, TV and fixed network services to private and business customers and is an innovative pioneer in future topics such as 5G, Internet of Things and … Continued


Marqeta is in the process of rewriting the rules for what is possible with payment cards. Marqeta’s open API platform has the most advanced infrastructure and tools for creating highly configurable payment cards and is designed for developers who want an easy way to manage payment programs to create world-class experiences, innovate and drive new … Continued


A complete payment experience for national and international payments. With Swisscom’s access to the worldwide payment traffic networks, we have achieved exactly that. Swisscom’s Financial Messaging Service Bureau is the reliable access to local and global payment transaction networks for the secure processing of financial transactions for financial institutions. The highly scalable services are developed, … Continued


Passwords alone are no sufficient to protect the Yapsters against hackers, Futuare provides the trusted and invisible security solution for this in the YAPEAL Shield. Futurae enables more secure user access to all devices and applications. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) made easy with smooth and secure authentication for digital business.

KYC Spider

With KYC Spider we optimise our compliance processes with digital Know-Your-Customer (KYC). KYC Spider offers digital compliance services and eKYC solutions to banks, fintechs and industry to securely verify customers and suppliers.


Vereign provides us with a simple tool that allows us to recognise which emails and documents are genuine. Vereign allows you to sign and securely share documents. With Vereign, each user creates his or her own personal trusted network for the secure handling of data on the network.

Andreas Garzotto

The image recognition developed by Andreas Garzotto GmbH in our mobile apps ensures easy user guidance and recording of documents during the registration process. Andreas Garzotto GmbH develops software and ensures with consulting, coaching and project support that customer projects work from the idea to the finished product. They prefer to implement their own products … Continued


For a startup a quick time to market is essential, SaaScada offers hand to achieve this. SaaScada supports companies in the rapid establishment and introduction of financial services. The cloud-native platform of open APIs enables new market entrants to launch banking services and helps existing financial services providers reduce the cost of running a bank.

tag nitecrest

Despite all the digitality, the physical card in the hand is still a special feeling. Tag nitecrest produce and ship our cards direct to your home. Tag nitecrest is an award winning global card manufacturer and expert in providing innovative, secure and high quality financial or EMV cards.


With the support of Geissbühler Weber & Partner (gwp) as the specialist GWG office, we ensure compliance with the obligations within the scope of the fight against money laundering and the fight against terrorist financing. Geissbühler Weber & Partner is one of the leading specialists in the field of compliance. The company advises financial service … Continued


Modern, clear and powerful. With the IKS-Tool of GoCompliant we control our internal processes. The modular solution of GoCompliant offers a solution for internal controls (ICS), management of operational risks and processes, action tracking and compliance. This is done with direct involvement of line management and end users in an integrated interface.

Apple Pay

With Apple Pay, we offer a way to pay quickly and securely with your Apple smartphone. Apple Pay is a fast, easy payment method – online and in stores, for all Apple smartphones.

Google Pay

With Google Pay we offer a way to pay quickly and securely with your Android smartphone. Google Pay is a fast, easy payment method – online and in stores, for all Android smartphones.

Samsung Pay

With Samsung Pay we offer a way to pay quickly and securely with your Samsung smartphone. Samsung Pay is a fast, easy payment method – online and in stores, for all Samsung smartphones.


Make – measure – adapt – continue. With the support of digital culture, we ensure that our customers are addressed on the right channel, in the right tone. As a web and online marketing agency with heart, Digital Kultur fills the glass with simple and powerful solutions.


Meltwater helps us to observe, understand and influence the world around us. Meltwater is a software-as-a-service company that develops and markets media monitoring and business intelligence software.

Die Werbekanzlei

Founded in 2002, our focus is on strategy, communication and design. Our heart beats digital but we also live print. Our concepts are always visually appealing, new and exciting, but they work mainly because we approach implementation analytically and strategically. We think through all channels of communication from the very beginning, for which budget should be planned, … Continued