Growing together. Pay what it’s worth to you.


There is no fixed monthly fee applicable until the end of 2020. You decide what our services are worth to you and support us each month with what you think is reasonable price for our offering.



Starting 01.01.2021, pricing will be finalized. You will be informed well in advance.

FX transactions


YAPEAL does not charge any surcharges on foreign currency transactions and gives you the visa rate 1:1.

Third party costs


Fee Amount
ATM withdrawals Switzerland in CHF CHF 2
Statement: Swiss banks charge a corresponding service fee, which we pass on to you 1:1. Any further transaction costs incurred in such a transaction will be covered by YAPEAL.
ATM withdrawals Switzerland in EUR CHF 5
Statement: EUR can also be withdrawn with the YAPEAL Debit Card at some machines. In this case, the fees charged to us are CHF 5.
ATM withdrawals abroad CHF 5
Statement: The tariffs abroad are very varied and in order not to have to show you a different fee for each purchase, we have decided on an average value. With some transactions you get a better deal, with some there is a little left over for YAPEAL; all in all a fair deal.
Card replacement fee CHF 10
Statement: Production and dispatch of the YAPEAL Debit Card are unfortunately not for free for us either. Therefore this fee.
Fairplay Fee CHF 10
YAPEAL places great emphasis on the automation of its processes. However, should your cancellation result in excessive expenses, we reserve the right to charge a corresponding fee of up to a maximum of CHF 10.00. As a rule this fee is not charged.
Money Management Fee Here too, in accordance with our values completely transparent:

0.75% for the SNB
0.05% YAPEAL Administration

per year on deposits over
CHF 25’000

Statement: Your YAPEAL account is currently designed to use it as a salary account and digital wallet (2-3 monthly salaries). For this reason, YAPEAL grants you a tax-free amount of up to CHF 25’000 daily balance.

YAPEAL does not work with your money (Fintech license). This means: We keep 100% of our clients’ money in cash at the Swiss National Bank. This results in corresponding fees and interest.

In the near future (2nd half of 2020 / beginning of 2021) YAPEAL will continuously expand its offer. In addition, features such as Family Shizzle, Financial Amigo, Lifestyling Intelligence, joint and savings accounts, pension and asset management. In these cases, the allowances will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

This fee will be invoiced monthly.

Negative Chargeback Fee CHF 100/h
Statement: Your card transactions are highly secure. If something should happen, Visa and we as issuers will take responsibility for it within the framework of the general terms and conditions. However, if there is evidence that this right has been misused, we reserve the right to charge for our efforts.

Future monthly fees


To enjoy your #Realtime experience, you pay for the infrastructure, the maintenance, our run-down office and our start-up salaries – this includes development, implementation, marketing, communication and all administration including legal and compliance.

Infrastructure includes for example:

  • Account management
  • Domestic Payment (contracts with suppliers and payment network)
  • Card platform (contracts with Visa and mobile pay providers, processing and fraud systems, 3d Secure, etc.)
  • KYC
  • Identification and administration

It is important to us that you understand what we have set up here – namely a genuine and independent Swiss Fintech with FINMA licence. We are not an NGO, we also have to generate money and keep our investors happy. By the way, they share our values 100% – read more hier.


Other income


YAPEAL generates an interchange with the Visa Debit Card according to the official Swiss rates. These are used to partially cover the transaction costs incurred.