Why do I need a card program

Virtual cards can be created per driver, customer or project in the card program. Expenses are posted where they are incurred.

How startups become more flexible

As a start-up, it is essential to keep a constant eye on your finances. A flexible and fast card program is a great advantage. A physical card can be ordered quickly for a new employee. Even faster? A virtual card is created and ready to use in seconds.

How SMEs save time

Thanks to the simple management of employees' physical and virtual cards, there is no need to wait for a new card. New employees can take advantage of YAPEAL from their first day on the job. Your employee is abroad and has used up their limit and needs an extra budget for unplanned expenses? No problem, with a few clicks the limit is increased and there is no delay.

How agencies become more creative

Whether digital or classic advertising agency, nobody likes the administrative effort of projects. Anyone who only uses one debit or credit card for all projects and customers knows about the tedious task of allocating receipts. How about opening a virtual card for each customer or project and reducing the effort to a minimum? In this way, time and energy can be spent on the creative phases of the projects with reduced administrative effort.

Save time

Thanks to the use of virtual cards, accounting becomes more structured in no time. Virtual cards can be created per driver, customer or project in the card program. Expenses are booked where they are incurred.


Virtual debit cards can be deposited via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or the necessary card information can be displayed via app. Cards do not have to be sent by mail, but can be used immediately, even if employees are abroad at the moment.


Unlike physical cards, virtual cards do not have a printed card number. This protects against theft and restricts unauthorized transactions. Virtual cards can be blocked or unblocked at any time via app or web app.


With YAPEAL, no foreign currency transaction fees are charged and we pass on the direct exchange rate. (This represents a savings of about 2.5% on foreign currency transactions) There are also no costs for manufacturing and transporting the physical cards. The environment thanks it twice.

As CEO of our company, YAPEAL is a gamechanger with its virtual cards. The security and control we gain from using virtual cards allows us to manage expenses more efficiently while making our payment processes more flexible and secure. YAPEAL has streamlined our financial processes and is a major contributor to our company's success.

Anna CFO

Our creative department saves time in collecting receipts and assigning them to projects. We invest the time gained in creative processes for our customers. A win-win situation for everyone.

Franky CMO

As CFO, I see the direct added value of virtual cards from YAPEAL for our financial strategy. The transparent tracking and management of expenses through virtual cards gives us better financial control.

Erika CFO