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The future has started

Automatic expense management via YAPEAL account and with AbaClik 3

How we are revolutionizing expense management

Each expense receipt generates costs of around CHF 60 on average. We have a 100% digital and fully automated solution that relieves the burden on entire organizations. And at a fraction of today’s costs.

100% digital account opening process

No matter what time, within a few minutes corporate customers can open an account from DeepBox.

1.  Create a DeepBox account  – www.deepcloud.swiss 

2.  Apply for an account directly from DeepBox after successful creation

In the current beta phase, the YAPEAL expense account is only suitable for customers who already use Abacus solutions (e.g. AbaClick3 for the 100% digital expense process or Abacus accounting system, for efficiency increases in the collaboration with the fiduciary)

Personalized IBAN for SMEs

Corporate customers can create the IBAN number themselves. Only the country code (CH), the check digit (XX, calculated automatically) and the bank clearing number (83019) are predefined. The last twelve digits – or letters – of the 21-digit number are freely selectable.

Immediate repayment

Employees do not have to wait for their money. Expenses are transferred immediately after approval as part of the joint YAPEAL – ABACUS expense process.

Efficiency in the cooperation with the trustee

Through the intelligent interaction of the Yapeal expense account with Abacus ERP as well as deepbox, significant efficiency gains can be achieved in the collaboration of the SME with the trustee.

Expense management with AbaClik 3 and YAPEAL

Expense management explained simply: https://www.abaclik.ch/en/belege/#spesenprozess

YAPEAL and AbaClik 3 harmonize

In the YAPEAL app, a payment can be declared as an expense. The AbaClik 3 smartphone app then automatically starts to scan a receipt. Its relevant information, such as expense type, date, amount and input tax, is captured and digitized using artificial intelligence, eliminating the need for manual intervention. After the optional approval of the expenses by a supervisor, the amounts are automatically booked in the Abacus Business Software and transferred to the employee’s YAPEAL account within a very short time with just one click.

Fully integrated and without interface

Whereas paper receipts previously had to be processed manually and filed in the archive, everything is now handled fully automatically with Abacus Business Software. The advantages of this novel solution are obvious: the software frees users from searching for missing receipts, helps decipher poorly legible receipts, and eliminates the need to manually submit and enter expense receipts at the end of the month. In addition, incorrect data entry such as receipt amount and VAT is avoided.

Employees and accounting benefit

Expenses are credited to the employee’s YAPEAL account in real time. This means that they no longer have to wait until the next payroll run to be reimbursed. In the case of receipts in foreign currency, the amount that was credited at the time of receipt entry is transferred. All bookings can be automatically entered and closed at the same time as the corresponding transactions. Last but not least, this also brings noticeable relief to the employees in the accounting department.



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