YAPEAL - Mission Statement | Yapeal

The YAPEAL statement


Everything is in the cloud and we strive to process as much as possible in real time (partly depending on the partners in the ecosystem). We want the handling of money to be fun and we want to make a positive contribution to the quality of life.


Our motto: try, measure, correct and repeat – as long as necessary until the desired result is achieved.


We don’t just have customers, we have Yapsters and they are part of our community and an essential part of YAPEAL. Transparency towards them is a must. We don’t work with their money (without their consent or if that is desired in the future), nor do we have hidden fees. On the contrary, we present the fees per transaction. Also, we do not give or sell any data without the Yapster’s consent.


We work agile and get the opinions of the Yapsters regarding new features before implementation (financial literacy via blog and exchange via forum).


We also want to earn money. However, our pricing policy is based on the “need to have” in order to survive in the long term, not on maximizing profits. We always negotiate the best possible offer for the community in the ecosystem with third parties (sustainability!).


Safety is the top priority. Even though we put a lot of emphasis on fun and enjoy our work, the fun naturally stops when dealing with the Yapsters’ money. We do not compromise there and have therefore built a dedicated, highly hardened protection application – we call it YAPEAL Verify.


We do not like know-it-alls and discrimination. It’s your thing, how you dress, which color of hair you wear, whether you are tattooed and with whom you have what preferences – we look at track record and mindset. Everything else, is everything else.