Do you want to join in? Lovely.

*work in progress with you.

Family Shizzle*
Your digital family office in your pocket!

  • Your daily family expenses under control with the YAPEAL App.
  • Be a smart kid – Enter the bills for your parent’s approval. Approval is just a click away.
  • No more stress with the kids. Unlock the pocket money on your app – they can use it with their mobile or wearable (your kids don’t need their own account or physical card)
  • Stay in control
  • Benefit from our Lifestyling Intelligence function, such as geotagging specific shops. Be sure that the money is spent at the right place.
Financial Amigo*
You can always rely on real friends.

  • True friends stay – even when things go south.
  • Your Financial Amigo is here to stay, advise and put you back on track when you stray away from your financial goals, all in real-time.
  • Just like you use your navigation system on your car. You are always directed towards your destination.
  • You will be informed of your daily expenditure and help you track your spending until the next salary is credited (if YAPEAL account happens to be your salary account)
  • Amigo assists you with tedious and unpleasant tasks such as filing tax returns and other receipts, optimally with help of the intelligent app.
  • Our Lifestyling intelligence helps you design your saving goals (one such example is to save for taxes based on zip code of your residence).
Lifestyling Intelligence*
Be yourself.

  • A good time to live life the way you always wanted to.
  • Are you familiar with ‘playlist’ in iTunes, ‘daily mix’ on Spotify and ‘customer also bought’ recommendation on Amazon?
  • Yapenize is one such function, that does all that and a bit more. As human behavior is driven by emotions, desires and knowledge, yapenizing algorithm factors in all these aspects to derive best possible suggestions. It also considers spending capacity of your peer based on similar income, purchasing power and alike.
  • You as Yapster are at liberty to give us feedback.