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How to introduce your kids to the world of digital finance

When are kids ready for their own debit card?
When is the right time to introduce them to the world of digital payments?

We believe those who learn how to manage money early are more successful later in life.

For parents and children

Together with parents and our developer team, we developed “Yapini – the digital account for children and youth”, an offer for parents and children.

For the children, they can learn to independently and securely handle money and manage finances.

For parents, they can show children how to use a bank account and debit card properly. Challenges like saving, digital payments and financial security can also be mastered together with Yapini.

Pocket money, as a weekly allowance or to enable godparents to transfer money: Yapini gives parents and children the opportunity to manage money together in an uncomplicated way.

How does Yapini work?

Yapini is a digital account for children and young people from the age of 7. The paperless account opening is possible within a few minutes when invited by a parent. With Yapini, account holders receive a Visa Debit Card including mobile payments, where minimum age requirements are defined by mobile pay providers.

It is important for parents to keep track of their children’s finances. For this reason, Yapini makes it possible to check their children’s spending at any time. Moreover, with Yapini it is possible to transfer money quickly. Managing pocket money is simple and straightforward.

The advantages of Yapini summarized

● Overview of expenses (display of the child’s account balance).

● Learn how to handle money in a digital world

● Instant money transfer between parent and child

● Standing order for pocket money

● Visa Debit with parental controls
✔︎ YAPEAL protects your children and young people by blocking payments for gambling and adult entertainment

● Spending limit on the Yapeal Card administered by the parents

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