Get s*** done.

Family shizzle function helps you solving your financial family affairs

The YAPapp empowers the whole family to solve many administrative and time-consuming financial issues:

  • record bills for your parents account – they can approve them with just a click
  • unlock pocket money for your kids – they can use it with their phone or wearable (your kids do not need to have an own account, nor a credit card)
  • stay in control
  • profit also from our Lifestyling Intelligence function

Your digital family office in your pocket!


Attitude matters.

She got that independent, wake up and make shit happen type of vibe.


Family: A group experience of love and support.

Focus exactly on this amigo!

With our family shizzle function you can get rid of the noise.
Try it out!


The most important people in your life.

Take care!

Highlighted features

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Further features…

More details coming soon.

Available for ALPHA user in Q4 2019

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