Your happy zone.

Everyone has it – we help you to find it.

YAPEAL’s financial amigo will take care of you and show in real time where you actually stand, based on your situation and personal goals.

It’s like the navigation system in a car – you define some parameters and the amigo guides you through your financial life.

You will learn how much money you can spend on average per day and how much you have left over until your next salary.

Of course, our Lifestyling Intelligence will also do its part, such as suggesting what you need to save for taxes based on both your income and your residence.


Where the magic happens!

When was the last time, you did something for the first time?


We miss you too amigo!

It’s like kissing: The more you do it, the more you like it.

All good things need training – so does the YAPapp. Your amigo needs to learn to adapt to your lifestyle. The more she/he understands the better the proposals. Try it out!


Happiness is
a choice.

We don’t judge,
if you don’t try it.


Highlighted features

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Further features…

More details coming soon.

Available for ALPHA user in Q4 2019

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