The precondition to it is security.

To ensure the highest possible level of security for your digital wallets, we have developed a dedicated and most importantly separate security app named YAPshield with military-grade encryption for you. Here’s why we’ll separate the security YAPshield from the normal YAPapp:

  • Multifactor (2 apps) increases the security level
  • A dedicated security app is faster (for checking security) than a huge all-in-one app
  • A security app is much more secure than entering a code sent to you by SMS

Of course we thightly integrated the two apps (YAPapp and YAPshield) for best user experience. Nevertheless it is good to know, that those apps work independently of each other and at different security levels depending on what you would like to do.


The most secure digital payment.



Without stretching anything.

Besides that we also have additional security features embedded in our processes:

  • Dynamic CVC/CVV (or onetime CardNo.); this means you can lose your credit card and no one is able to shop online with it.
  • Location based security; comparing location information (GPS of your mobile) with the location of the transaction.
  • Most convenient two factor authentication, ie. 2FA (Soundproof / Zero touch)

Of course you can get your data any time (GDPR).


Highlighted features

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Further features…

More details coming soon.

Available for ALPHA user in Q4 2019

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