10/17 Idea

YAPEAL Brainstorming

First thoughts

Technology investigation

12/17 Naming

YAPEAL naming


Based on the stone money on Yap

03/18 Sound

YAPEAL Scouting

Team building

The idea is presented to interested parties

06/18 *

YAPEAL Founding

Company founding

By 15 founders all committed to rock!

07/18 Start

YAPEAL company start

Becoming operational

First 4 joiners move into the office in Altstetten Zurich.

08/18 Team

YAPEAL team timeline


Most of the team joins

Q3/19 Wave 1

Swiss Smart Pay Live (ALPHA closed group)

Swiss Regulated Organization (SRO)

Q4/19 Wave 2

Swiss Smart Wallet Live (ALPHA closed group)

Q1/20 Wave 3

Swiss Smart Wallet Public (public version)

based on a Fintech License