Frequent asked questions

Can I make international payments with YAPEAL?

Yes, by working with WISE you have the opportunity to make cheaper and faster international transfers. You don't even need to leave the YAPEAL app: Thanks to full integration, you can easily transfer money to over 80 countries!

Does YAPEAL offer mobile payments?

Yes, you can add your YAPEAL card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

How and when can I change my subscription?

Upgrades are possible at any time and are activated immediately. Downgrades always take effect at the end of the paid period. When upgrading, your already paid amount will be refunded pro rata and the new amount will be charged.

How can a Yapini account be opened?

A Yapini account can be opened by a parent or guardian. For this purpose, an active private account with the Private or Private+ price plan of the person with parental authority is required. The process for opening the Yapini account can be started directly in the app.

How can I cancel a transfer to a financial institution?

Once the transfer has been sent, only Wise Support can make a cancellation. If the money has already been sent to the recipient, a cancellation is no longer possible. If you want to cancel a transaction, it is best to contact Wise or YAPEAL support quickly with a screenshot of the payment.

How can I change my card PIN?

PIN changes are currently not possible; ATMs do not support the process for our cards. If you forget your PIN, you can easily look it up in the app: Click on the card icon at the bottom and then on " View PIN".

How can I close my YAPEAL account?

You can close the account directly in the settings under Legal. During the process you can specify an IBAN for the transfer of the remaining balance.

Important: Your account cannot be reactivated or a new one opened at the current time after the closure.

How does the account activation work for a sole proprietorship?

To activate the business account, an initial deposit from an account in your name is required. For regulatory reasons, we require such a transaction to complete the identification process and activate the business account.

How does the DeepBox verification work?

Once DeepBox is created, you can scan the DeepBox QR code with your smartphone. This will take you directly to the App Store / Play Store to download the YAPEAL app. If you already have the apps installed, you will be taken directly to the identification process. The rest of the process is done directly in the app.

How long will it take to receive my YAPEAL (VISA Debit) card?

We normally expect a delivery time of 8-10 working days. Under certain circumstances, shipping may take a little longer in individual cases. If your card has not arrived after 10-15 days, please contact our support directly in the app.

The virtual card is directly available after account activation and can be used immediately via mobile payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay).

Is it possible to open an account with residence abroad?

YAPEAL offers the possibility to open an account for cross-border commuters or Swiss citizens living abroad in one of our 5 neighboring countries.

A biometric passport with NFC chip or an initial deposit from an existing Swiss account is required for onboarding.

(Payments from a Wise account or other foreign FINTECHS are not accepted as initial deposit for regulatory reasons).

Is it possible to set up eBill in the YAPEAL App?

Yes, eBill is fully integrated in the YAPEAL app, so you can manage your invoices without leaving the app.

If you haven't used eBill before, an account will be activated with the email address you provide.

If you already use eBill with another financial institution, you can continue to use everything with YAPEAL (the eBill account can be linked to several accounts). To use the existing account, it is necessary to ensure in the YAPEAL app (Settings ➞ Personal data) that the same e-mail address is stored as in the eBill account.

More tips and tricks about DeepBox

On the support page of DeepBox you can find more helpful articles and videos. If you still need help you can contact the support of DeepBox or YAPEAL.

DeepBox: YAPEAL:

What fees should I expect for international payments?

You pay only 0.35% convenience fee plus a transaction fee between 0.4% and 1.3% for Wise - and thus significantly less than via traditional channels! The fees are transparently displayed when you enter the transfer in the app.

What happens if my account balance is negative or the balance is too small to cover the monthly fee?

If the account balance is negative or the balance is too small to cover the monthly fee, use in the app is only possible with restrictions and you will be asked to top up your account balance. As soon as the amount can be debited, all features of the selected subscription will be activated again.

What is a Yapini account?

Yapini is a digital account for children and young people from the age of 7. Check out our homepage to learn more about the Yapini account and its benefits.

Which legal forms are supported?
  • Public limited company
  • Limited liability company
  • Registered as well as unregistered sole proprietorship
  • Registered associations
How do I contact YAPEAL if I am interested in Embedded Finance solutions?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Embedded Finance at the following e-mail address

Do we have depositor protection at YAPEAL?

No, as YAPEAL is subject to the Fintech license, the law does not provide such depositor protection. We are required to deposit 100% of your money - we do this with the Swiss National Bank.

This means that we are not allowed to engage in risky transactions, investments or other forms of working with your money.

Why does Web Interface not start?

Mostly it is a restriction by the firewall of your network. Please check if port 443 and port 3020 are enabled to allow access via web.

How long is a started company verification valid?

A started verification is valid for 30 days. If the process is not completed after that, it must be restarted.

Are there different price plans?

YAPEAL offers three different pricing plans from CHF 0-8.90 per month. The features in each package are different - take the one that suits you best! And if you pay annually, YAPEAL gives you 2 months for free.

You can find our price plans on our website.

Does YAPEAL offer accounts in other currencies (Euro, Dollar)?

No, currently we offer a Swiss account in the national currency CHF.

What exchange rate is used for payment/withdrawals with the YAPEAL VISA Debit Card abroad?

For cash withdrawals abroad and foreign currency transactions, we pass on the VISA exchange rate 1:1, so you always benefit from the best exchange rate. You can check the current daily exchange rate at any time on the VISA UK website.

Can I open a 3A pension account with YAPEAL?

We can offer you an attractive pension 3a solution from our partner Vontobel at optimal conditions. Depositing, standing orders and making provisions has never been so easy.

How does the account activation work for an AG or GmbH?

For a limited liability company or a public limited company, it is necessary to make an initial deposit from an account in the name of the company in order to activate the business account.

**I do not have an existing company account ** If there is no existing company account for the initial deposit, contact support directly. These cases will be considered individually.

How do I order a card?

Once a business account is opened, one or more card programs can be created. In this, VISA debit cards for employees (physical or virtual) can be ordered. See video link

The particular card program can be configured in the app, in the company view under the card icon in the lower right corner.

How do I export documents?

The account history of the desired period can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format in the transaction view via the 3 dots in the upper right corner. This option is also available in our web application, moreover, the format Camt.053 can be downloaded there

What payment options do I have?

The monthly and annual fee will be automatically charged to your YAPEAL account.

How and when can I change my business subscription?

Upgrades or changes to a higher offer are possible at any time and will be activated immediately. In the event of an upgrade, any amount already paid will be refunded pro rata and the new amount debited.

Downgrades always take effect at the end of the paid period.

In the case of downgrades, it must be taken into account that the previous number of accounts may no longer be available and must be closed in advance.

Are multiple DeepBox verifications possible?

You will be verified as a person once at YAPEAL, if you want to verify multiple companies you can do this with the same YAPEAL account. If you are logged into the YAPEAL app, you can scan the QR code directly at DeepBox. If you don't have access, you can log in again and then scan the code.

How do I open a business account through DeepBox?

You can open an account on the DeepBox landing page. Once you have registered with DeepBox and your account is verified, you can submit an account query to DeepBox and then set the IBAN. Requesting the personal IBAN triggers the account opening in the YAPEAL app. After entering the desired IBAN, the partner who performed the verification will receive a message to continue the process through the app.

How can I contact YAPEAL?

You can contact our support directly in the app via the shake function or in the settings under Support Center. We are also available by email at

Please note that we are only available by phone for card or device blocking.

Yapini subscription

For our Yapinis we have a free subscription. What is included in this subscription, you can find out on our homepage under yapini.

How do I add members?

In the business account view, you can select "Nominate member" from the menu under Members and then insert the person's data. Please note that the data must be analogous to identity document.

How do I assign rights?

In the business account view, you can add team members via menu under “Cash Accounts" top right 3 points. If the Member is already identified, it will appear for selection, otherwise an invitation must be sent. Each invitation or change generates a task for confirmation for the authorized signatories.

How can I assign the admin role?

Prerequisite: Previously added as a member or authorized signatory and confirmed by authorized signatories (e.g. registered in the Commercial Register, owner of the sole proprietorship).

In the business account view, you can select via the menu, under Admin - "APPOINT ADMIN" and then nominate the person for the role.

What business subscriptions does YAPEAL offer?

YAPEAL offers five different models. The features in each package are different - choose the package that best fits your business! And if you pay annually, YAPEAL will give you 2 months for free.

What is the Admin role?

An Admin is authorized to approve applications for the organization, thereby relieving the signatory authority. The Admin role automatically allow rights to accounts and card programs.

What can I do in case of fraud?

Block your card directly in the app and report the incident to the support team. The case will be reviewed and processed individually.

Cybera offers an online database where you have the possibility to file an online criminal complaint in case of fraud cases such as prepayment fraud or romance scam etc.. This is fast and convenient and increases the chances of recovering the stolen funds. In addition, cybera provides documentation for insurance claims.

Report incident.

What should I do if I notice unknown card transactions on my account?

Freeze your debit card in the app immediately to prevent further transactions. Then contact our support team directly in the app (via the shake function or in the settings under Support Center) to discuss how to proceed.

What should I do if my card is stolen or if I have lost it?

You can freeze your debit card in the app at any time to prevent further transactions. If you then find the card in a safe place and can exclude the possibility that someone else has had it in their possession, you can safely unblock it again.

n the event of any theft or loss, you can definitely block and replace the card in the app. Please also check the last transactions and report any discrepancies to our support team.

How can I block the YAPEAL app if my smartphone has been stolen?

Block your smartphone via the manufacturer or your Apple or Google ID. This will prevent it (and its apps) from being used again. If in any doubt, please contact our support team.

You can install the YAPEAL app on a new device at any time and then access your account again easily and securely via the login function.

I responded to an email or SMS and provided my card details - but maybe it was a fraud. What should I do?

Freeze your debit card in the app immediately to prevent unwanted transactions. Then contact our support team directly in the app (via the shake function or in the settings under Support Center) to discuss how to proceed.

Why does Web Interface not start?

Mostly it is a restriction by the firewall of your network. Please check if port 443, port 3020 and are enabled to allow access via web.

I have transferred money to someone and now suspect that it is a fraud. How do I get my money back?

Are you a YAPEAL customer? Then please contact us via the app so that we can look at how to proceed.

You are not a YAPEAL customer? We are pleased to receive any information about suspected cases of fraud via the contact form at the bottom of this page and will follow them up internally. However, please contact your financial institution regarding the next steps.

If you have become a victim of fraud, we generally recommend that you file a complaint with the police. You can also do this online via CYBERA.

Is YAPEAL available as a web version?

Yes, for those who prefer to check their finances on a bigger screen, there is a web version, of course in the usual smart YAPEAL manner.

Our web application is still in beta version and is constantly being expanded by our team. You can easily create your login on our website at login. Just enter your YAPEAL email address and scan the QR code with the YAPEAL app.

Checking the tax status of the YAPSTER

YAPEAL must clarify and document the tax status of the YAPSTER in accordance with FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information) with appropriate evidence. Only on this basis can YAPEAL decide whether and what, if anything, needs to be reported to the competent tax authorities about the YAPSTER or about the beneficial owners, or whether YAPEAL can enter into or continue the business relationship with the YAPSTER at all.

YAPEAL does not conduct any business relationships with US persons or legal entities or partnerships with US persons as beneficial owners. YAPEAL is also obliged to report any YAPSTERs or corresponding beneficial owners that may be subject to reporting under FATCA or AEOI.

It is important to us to make the self-declaration of tax status as simple as possible for the YAPSTER. We are therefore limiting this to matters that are likely to apply to most of our YAPSTERs: The YAPSTER as a private client, i.e. as the owner of a sole proprietorship, confirms that he is not a US person and declares his main tax domicile (or, if applicable, all existing main tax domiciles). The YAPSTER as a corporate client confirms the tax status as NFFE under FATCA and as NFE under AEOI. This generally applies to those YAPSTERs that are domiciled in Switzerland, conduct an operational, commercial business and are not financial institutions. This description is for information purposes only. The exact criteria of the specified tax status can be called up and checked by the YAPSTER as information in the YAPEAL system as part of the self-declaration. Due to the legal framework, we are not permitted to advise the YAPSTER on questions relating to self-declaration.

If the stated tax status under AEOI or FATCA does not apply to the YAPSTER or the YAPSTER is unable to confirm this, we may have to obtain additional information on the tax status from the YAPSTER and any beneficial owners and in most cases will unfortunately not be able to enter into a relationship with the YAPSTER or will have to close the existing relationship.

The YAPSTER is also obliged to inform us immediately, i.e. to update and reconfirm the self-declaration, if there are any changes to its tax status or tax domicile.

Detailed information on AEOI and FATCA can be found here:


How can I access my account if I lose my phone?

Install the YAPEAL app on your new device and log in as an existing Yapster.

Our sign-in process meets the highest security standards and ensures that only you can access your account - when and where you want. And if you have two mobile devices, you can use YAPEAL on both.

How do I open a business account?

To open a business account you need a smartphone and a valid ID. After the YAPEAL apps are installed on the device, the process can be started in the YAPEAL app via "Open account". When selecting a product, select " Company Account" and follow the instructions in the app.

Do you already have a private account with YAPEAL?

In this case, the process can be easily started in the menu under " Business Account".

Identification of the persons

To verify the company, the first step is for the authorized signers to identify themselves. All persons who come into contact with the business account are previously identified as a person via the YAPEAL app.

(For the identification of the private person, it is relevant that the private domicile address is provided).

Can we make international payments with YAPEAL?

YAPEAL enables your company to transfer money abroad quickly and cheaply thanks to the cooperation with Wise. Your company saves with every transaction compared to traditional financial institutions.

Repayments (bounceback)

The money can be repaid automatically if, for example, the recipient details were entered incorrectly, the recipient account is closed/frozen or similar. As soon as the money has been repaid to Wise, it is automatically transferred back to the customer. This process usually takes up to two working days.

Any questions?

Please do not submit any confidential data in the form.

Telephone contact

By telephone, we can only block the card in the event of loss/theft and access your account if you lose your smartphone.

Show phone number

+41 44 435 38 18

Our support team is located in Switzerland, you will be charged for this call with normal rate.