Frequently asked support questions.

How can I access my account if I lose my phone?
Just install the app on your new smartphone. Our sign-up process meets the highest security standards and ensures that only you can access your account - when and where you want. And if you have two mobile devices, you can use YAPEAL on both at the same time.
What are my monthly costs?
Does YAPEAL offer a Swiss bank account?
We offer an account with personal IBAN - even personalizable, Visa debit card, mobile wallet and connection to the payment system. So you can do with your YAPEAL account everything you can do with an account in a Swiss bank.
How can I contact YAPEAL? You don't have branches...
You can always contact us directly from the app, whether for feedback or support requests. Most of the cases you will be able to handle by yourself in the app.
I want to be a #Yapster! How long does it take before I can use my account?
Registration and account opening only takes a few minutes. If all requirements are met, you can use your virtual Visa Debit Card for purchases right after the funding of your new YAPEAL account!
Do I have depositor protection at YAPEAL like at other banks?
Unlike traditional banks, YAPEAL is subject to the Fintech licence. With this we are obliged to deposit 100% of your money – we do this at the Swiss National Bank. Risky transactions, investments and other forms of working with your money are not allowed for us. Therefore, the legislator does not provide any additional depositor protection for Fintech-regulated companies.

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Telephone contact:

By telephone, we can only block the card in the event of loss/theft and access your account if you lose your smartphone.