Yapeal – Wir sind keine Challenger Bank. Wir fordern das Banking heraus.

It’s your money.

Swiss account, debit card and app.


With YAPEAL, there’s no paperwork or hidden fees. Instead, we offer you full control of your money, lower fees for payments and transfers outside Switzerland, and instant transactions.


And payments aren’t the only thing we can do quickly –
open your account now in less than five minutes:


That’s what you get at YAPEAL:

● A Swiss account

● A Visa Debit card with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

● The fastest finance app in Switzerland

● Payments outside Switzerland without exchange rate surcharges

● Y3A pension savings in the app

● Quick help by simply giving your smartphone a shake

● More features available soon

Fastest sign-up

● 100% digital

● No video

REALLY no paper 🙂

● Done in 5 minutes

Name your account

With us you own more than half of it. Determine the last 12 digits of your personal IBAN. Hurry, because each IBAN only exists once in the world. And with us it’s even free for you.
Unique, isn’t it?

Say YAP more

YAPEAL is your daily companion that makes payment an experience. Whether in Amsterdam, Berlin or Zurich, with your Visa Debit Card you are welcome everywhere. And of course not only live on location but also online. Of course you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay with your digital wallet at any time. We are not from the day before yesterday.


The real real-time

Not only the 100% digital registration is done in no time, without video and paper, but you pay in real time for full control at any time.

and anytime

Whether you are a Travel Addict or a Couch Potato, with YAPEAL you will be the proud owner of a Swiss account. Best of all, your data and money is always safe in Switzerland. Abroad you benefit from the best exchange rates. With YAPEAL you are always on the winning side.

No compromise on security

With the YAPEAL Verify app you enjoy maximum protection, anywhere and anytime. Only your fingerprint or your Face-ID and your mobile phone can access your account. No compromises here.

Never forget a location

Each booking shows you where you were and when with a picture and the corresponding location, so you can always find your favorite restaurants and stores. Furthermore you will never find hidden fees with us. Always transparent for you.

Here to help

Useful functions support you in your everyday life and help you to control and plan your expenses. With YAPEAL, make your mobile your best friend who never lets you down.

Better together

With the YAPEAL Community you can help to decide what we should tackle or optimize next. So you always have the best in your hands.