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We are not a conventional financial institution - and therefore do without expensive branches, high fees and paperwork. Instead, we offer you all services where they belong: in your app.

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Actually, the question is rather: Why not YAPEAL? Because we're not just a new Swiss account that's a little more digital than others. Instead, thanks to partnerships and integrations, we offer you new ways to receive, manage and transfer money. Simple. It is also easy to open a business account without paperwork.

Kontrolle in der App

Everything around your money. Full control. Everything in one app.


You can have your say about our future. In the forum.

Alles digital, kein Papierkram

We are 100% digital. Truly without paperwork.


Transfers and transactions are real time with us.

Helga Weidmann Google Store

So fast and uncomplicated = I paid off my credit card - super app that brings joy. Something useful for a change!!!

L.A. Managing Director

Your debit cards with no foreign currency surcharge and/or fees with instant transaction push notifications are world class and save us a lot of money.

The Abaninja integration also makes our lives easier.

You can get a regular account elsewhere.

We are not a traditional financial institution, but are based on the needs of the 21st century. That's why we want to make the whole process of handling money easier and integrate digital tools into your everyday life. The following features, integrations and benefits set us apart.

Mobile Payment

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay: Of course, you can also pay with your smart devices.

Transparent instead of expensive.

Choose your price plan. By the way, you can adjust it every month and upgrade it, for example, if you go abroad and want to withdraw money for free.

All prices


Free Why wait?
Virtual card
Mobile Payment
Online shopping
No exchange rate markup
Personalized IBAN
Expense overview


CHF 4.90 Per month
All features of Loyalty
and more
Domestic payment
Transfer abroad
QR Bill
Simply pay in the app
Yapini account
Option for a children and youth account

Private +

CHF 8.90 Per month
All features of Private
and more!
Withdraw cash in CHF
Withdraw cash free of charge in CHF
Withdraw cash in EUR
Withdraw cash free of charge in EUR*
Cash withdrawal international
Withdraw money all over the world included
Free replacement card
Yapini account
Option for a child and youth account
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