We focus on covering your daily finances with user-friendly, value-adding financial services – transparently and securely – at a fair price and with fun – by listening to our community.


digital – automated – real-time – secure

  • fully digital financial services on the smartphone with the best possible security 

  • the smoothest onboarding ever (< 10 Min.) 

  • involving our community to offer the desired functions and services

  • a 24/7 end-to-end client journey in real-time

Highest level of convenience

  • a single aggregating financial app in your pocket, anytime and everywhere

  • a faster, easier-to-use, secure and cheaper services in a transparent way

  • the app includes products and services from third-party brands - and expands the offering beyond normal financial apps

Data driven “financial well being”

  • data-driven technology to identify customers’ needs, and address customers at the right time with our services:

  • families, financial amigo, lifestyle intelligence

  • automated support & preventive assistance

  • loyalty, gamification

Value driven

  • We make daily finances transparent, secure, at a fair price and fun to use.

  • We are focused on fulfilling daily needs with easy-to-use value-adding financial services, and not on selling financial products.

  • We help customers to manage their money in a better way than they do today.

Sustainable consumption and spending behavior

  • AI for personalized visualization of sustainable consumption and spending behavior with personalized recommendations

  • AI and community marketing for sustainable consumption and financial health


YAPEAL goes beyond financial services brought to the smartphone. YAPEAL is a digital platform that embeds finance into the customer's lifestyle.

YAPEAL products are intuitive and make everyday life easier. It’s fun to use.

We communicate honestly and directly and thus bring our advantages closer. We are not loud, we are convincing. Our focus is always the customer and YAPEAL is always an experience.