At YAPEAL you experience the fastest digital onboarding

  • 100% digital

  • Without video

  • REALLY without paperwork

  • Done in 5 minutes

Illustration eines Mannes der mit FACE ID die YAPEAL App entsperrt.

The real real-time

With us, 100% digital registration is quick and easy, with no video and no paperwork. With us, you pay in real time to have full control over your finances at all times.

No compromise on security

With the YAPEAL app, you enjoy maximum protection, anywhere, anytime. You can only access your account with your fingerprint or Face ID and your smartphone. We know no compromises.

Never forget a location

Every booking shows you where you were and when, with a picture and the corresponding location, so you can always find your way back to your favorite places and stores. You will never find hidden fees with us.

Here to help

Useful features support you in your everyday life and help you control and plan your spending. With YAPEAL, make your mobile your best friend that never lets you down.