What are the financial challenges?

Exchanging money and withdrawing cash abroad usually cost an enormous amount. Depending on the bank card and provider, high fees may apply.

With YAPEAL, language students have the perfect offer. It knows no hidden fees, costs for cash withdrawals, bad exchange rates and other surcharges. Maximum transparency and simplicity are at the heart of the Swiss FINTECH.

Ein Sprachschülerin blickt entspannt auf die bevorstehende Sprachreise, dank Yapini ist sie finanziel unabhängig

Take advantage of YAPEAL during your language trip

Especially for the younger language students (under 18 years) YAPEAL is excellent because they are usually supported by their parents. With YAPINI they have the ideal bag money account to manage their finances together with their parents. With YAPINI, young students have these advantages:

  • their own (free) VISA debit card

  • instantly usable mobile payment with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

  • Parents can see the account balance in the app

  • Parents can transfer money in real-time 24/7

  • (even on weekends and holidays)

  • Standing orders can be set up

  • The account cannot be overdrawn. Spending limits can be set

  • If the card is lost, it can be blocked immediately via a smartphone