Yapini is like the good old money box. Only purely digital.

You can easily teach your child the value of money and why it pays to save.

Our account is just as suitable for pocket money or gifts from grandparents as it is for the first salary. 

The advantages of Yapini

  • Guardians can see your child's account balance in your app.

  • Money can be transferred to your child in real-time.

  • A standing order can be set up for pocket money.

  • The debit card includes parental controls. Payments to gambling and other adult sites are blocked.

  • The account cannot be overdrawn. In addition, you can set a spending limit.

Home Screen der YAPEAL Yapini App mit drei Konten

What is included in a Yapini subscription?

  • Deposit to account

  • Name your account
    (personalized IBAN)

  • 1x free Visa Debit card plus an instant virtual card

  • Mobile Payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay)


  • Domestic payment, QR Bill, eBill

  • Bank transfer abroad

  • Without an exchange rate surcharge,
    0.75 - 1.65% fee

  • Cash withdrawals in Switzerland
    in CHF (all providers), 2.-

  • Cash withdrawals in Switzerland
    in EUR (all providers), 5.-

  • Cash withdrawals internationally, 1,50%

  • Replace card in CHF (new card immediately available), 20.-

  • Special cases (per 15 minutes), 25.-

Eine moderne Familie sitzt auf einer Couch und nutzt Yapeal mit einem Yapini Konto.

The conditions

  • You must be at least 7 years old.

  • You need your smartphone or tablet and your email, ideally your cell phone number.

  • A parent or guardian needs a YAPEAL account.

  • We recommend setting up the account with your parents or a guardian.

Tachengeld: App Screen aus der Yapini App