Immediate use

After you open an account with us, you can immediately use a virtual card to pay or store online with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Fitbit Pay. You don't have to wait for the physical card to arrive. The virtual card gives you the same benefits and features as the physical card, but it's instant and can be used directly from the app.

Push notifications for each purchase

Each time you make a purchase, you'll receive a push notification that it's been successfully completed and the payment is immediately visible in the app or on the web.

In addition, the notifications inform you how much money you have already spent today.

Pay worldwide with the best exchange rates

Whether you want to shop online or travel to faraway countries, you can pay with your YAPEAL card anytime and anywhere. The card allows you to make fast and secure payments in various currencies and is accepted in many places around the world. So you can pay easily and uncomplicated at home and abroad and do not have to worry about exchange rates or other barriers.

Frau die sich über die besten Wechselkurse mit YAPEAL freut

Full control - card blocking instant in the app

You can set your YAPEAL card to suit your needs. Whether you have forgotten your PIN and want to display it again in the app, change the limit for cash withdrawals or your monthly expenses, or much more, you can do it all in the YAPEAL app or on the web.

Mann mit blauem Hemd, der entspannt in die Ferne blickt

All functions at a glance

  • View card data in the app for easy online shopping.

  • Display PIN: If the PIN is ever forgotten, simply display it again.

  • Freeze card: If you have misplaced your YAPEAL card and can't find it right now, lock it temporarily and until you find it again.

  • Cash limit: Determine how much cash can be withdrawn per day.

  • Lock categories

  • Gambling: If enabled, all transactions declared as gambling will be rejected.

  • Adult entertainment: If enabled, all transactions declared as adult entertainment will be declined.

  • Block / Replace card

  • Card damaged/defective: If the YAPEAL card is damaged/defective but still in your possession, replace it directly in the app or web. The new card can be used immediately

  • Lost/stolen card: If your YAPEAL card has been stolen or cannot be found for a longer period of time, you can order a new card directly in the app / web at any time. In doing so, the old card is blocked and the new one is immediately available and usable.

  • Adjust limit: Your monthly limit is too high or too low, adjust it and the new limit is always immediately available.

  • Apple Pay / Google Pay: Add your card directly from the YAPEAL app to your wallet on your cell phone.

  • Samsung Pay: Enter your card data directly in the Samsung Pay app or take a picture of your card.

  • Fitbit Pay: Use your fitness tracker or smartwatch as a payment method and store your YAPEAL card directly in the Fitbit app.