Avia Cashback

Great visions are realized with many small steps. We are now taking another of these steps in terms of long-term added value for you Yapster on our journey towards a loyal and sustainable customer relationship.

Loyalty comes from appreciation. In our daily work, we try to incorporate this appreciation into our product on the one hand, and on the other hand, by continuously developing new relevant services for you.

With the AVIA Cashback Program, we are piloting in a simple way the direction in which such a service can go in terms of loyalty, rewards and incentives.

With AVIA, we were able to win the first Swiss partner on this path who is ready to take the first step together and turn the long-term vision into further deeds.

AVIA sagt Danke Screen in der YAPEAL App

A pilot to start with.

The wild ideas in the head have been there for some time, what we could do how and where and anyway everything. But what counts in the end is the implementation. That's why, right after the initial talks between AVIA and YAPEAL, we set about creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that we have now launched as a pilot for testing. In doing so, we largely reused the infamous functionalities in the YAPEAL app (Instant Transfer, Yapster-to-Yapster, Info-Tile) to quickly offer you a simple solution.

As with any pilot, the current service is far from the target image. However, it's important to us to test the mechanism, get your feedback, and then incorporate those insights into further development.

The plan is to start with a handful of participating service stations and, if the implementation is successful, to gradually add more providers. After that, we will look into deeper integration to make the service even more relevant and personal.

Update as of 01.02.2021: Expansion of the pilot to the whole of Switzerland.

The successful progress of the pilot last year has led us to expand the participating service station stores and service pumps to the AVIA Association and its member companies throughout Switzerland.

AVIA Maskottchen in Form eines roten Adlers mit YAPEAL Debit Karte

AVIA says thank you for your cashless purchase with YAPEAL.

Pay for your purchase at the gas pump or in the store at one of the participating AVIA gas stations with the YAPEAL app and we will reward you with 2% cashback without you having to do anything.

Your purchase automatically triggers a second cashback transaction with the amount of 2% of the purchase value, at your free disposal. The Amigo tile will keep you updated with the necessary information. No personal data will be shared between YAPEAL and AVIA.

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Your company wants that too?

Let us know and we'll get to it!

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