With the AVIA Cashback Program, we are piloting in a simple way the direction in which such a service around the topic of loyalty, rewards and incentives can go.

With AVIA, we were able to win the first Swiss partner on this path who is willing to take the first step together and turn the long-term vision into further deeds.

Tankstelle am Abend mit beleuchtetem AVIA Logo


Fleurop thanks you for your cashless shopping with YAPEAL.

Pay for your purchase on the webshops fleurop.ch or fleurop-home.ch with the YAPEAL app or card and we will reward you with CHF 5 cashback without you having to do anything.

Your purchase automatically triggers a second cashback transaction with the credit at your free disposal.

No personal data will be shared between YAPEAL and Fleurop.

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